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Multiculturalism in Brazil, a good example of social disaster

Since Anders Breivik attacks in Norway I wanted to talk about Multiculturalism in Brazil... which may be the explanation for the social disaster in Brazil, the poverty in a rich country, the terrible education and great violence, crimes and 50.000 murders by year... for sure Brazil is a good example on Multiculturalism...

Multiculturalism in Brazil, a good example of social disaster

my first video in english, about Multiculturalism in Brazil... I wanted to talk about it since Anders Breivik mentioned the problems with multiculturalism in Brazil... and he was right about it, althought Brazil was formed multicultural, even being among the 10 biggest economies in the world for a long time, Brazil is between the worst education, health, security and so many social problems... eternally the country of the future...

forgot to say, if Brazil was formed in a multicultural way and yet has so many problems, its a real danger for the future of Europe the process of multiculturalism... its a real war to destroy western society...

in fact Brasil is multicultural, was formed this way... here is natural, and everybody goes together well, no relationship problems... there were waves of african (slaves), italian, german, japanese... until 100 years ago... for example, the lebanese population in Brasil is bigger than Lebanon population... no problem...

but is hard to understand how can Brasil be so rich and have so many terrible social problems... the biggest difference here is multiculturalism...

Andrew Klavan: Multiculturalism Explained

WAKE UP AMERICA ! Before is too late... Who's killing Western society?

Andrew Klavan: Shut Up.

* 21/01/2013 new great recomended videos:

Anti-racist is a code-word for Anti-white.
You can call it multiculturalism, you can call it diversity, you can call it tolerance,
you can call it whatever you want. But It is, in fact, deliberate, demographic, genocide.

STOP White GeNOcide

Alex Jones on Anti White Behavior and Targeting of Whites

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  2. response to this comment on facebook: 27/02 "I didn't know you also had problems regarding multiculturalism. I think that Islam is a curse and will be the end of the West."

    Me: 28/02 Daniel Coelho: in Brazil we don't have problems with Islam, at least now... theres a few... not even racial conflict between blacks and whites, like in USA... Brazil is more mixed than USA, people are mixed here, even the japanese are integreated today... they resisted more... BUT... I realized that this is the only good explanation why brazilian people are so disunited... we dont have a people with common values and moral, culture and tradition like Europe... we are a mix of many cultures and people... even centuries after, didn't glue... like, its not an society of people with same values and culture... here you must be very careful with strangers, so this create groups... it's amazing to see and hear about how people trust each other in societies not mixed, like in Europe and areas in USA... Japan too... maybe this explains a lot about the big problems in Brazil... is a country with natural resources that should be one of the most rich in the world... but we see the big problem in Brazil is the population... like, this concept of Multiculturalism is natural in Brazil, its always been like this... but thinking about it, explains a lot... maybe the only explanation for Brazil be such a social mass...

  3. The problem of the country is not the mix of cultures... but the cultural heritage, corruption...



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