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30 years from Iron Maiden and the 15th and last album

     In this glorious day april 14th 2010, 30th anniversary from Iron Maiden album, 1st from todays 14 Iron Maiden studio albums. The 15th album is being produced and shall be released in the beginning 2011.

     A curiosity, Steve Harris always said, since 1900 something, that Iron Maiden would launch 15 studio albums. The last original Iron Maiden album is being recorded and will be launched in 2011? In todays rhythm the 50s guys are recording new algums with at least 3 years since 2000s Brave New World, 2003 Dance of Death, 2006 A Matter of Life and Death and 2011 the 15th album, New Frontier (?).

     We all know they can produce much more, at 50s they don't show signs of near retirement. But... with an album in 2011, if the world ends in 2012, the 15th will be the last Iron Maiden album. Maybe Steve Harris knows about the end of the days? Maybe when he said Iron Maiden would launch 15 albums, he knew it would be the last not because Iron Maiden would end, but because the world as we know would end? Maybe 15th Iron Maiden album brings hidden revelations about the end of the world on its lyrics? Is Steve Harris writing his prophecies for 2012, to alert Iron Maiden fans on how to prepare for the events?

     All we can do is to wait for the 15th album, and for the december 21st 2012 to know. Although the mysteries from Iron Maiden and Steve Harris' lyrics go beyond our comprehension. Maybe messages for the generations that will restore civilization after 2012, Iron Maiden's legacy, worlds far beyond our times. Whatever, hope this guys survive, and if I survive, hope still be possible to have Iron Maiden gigs, to relief survivors' suffer on a wasted land. How could we live without Iron Maiden?

     Sure there's no reasons to worry. Civilizations that watch for our planet and already avoided big disasters, will prevent 2012 facts to destroy our little planet. They'll help our civilization to reorganize. And for sure they wouldn't let Iron Maiden to end. They'll save the guys, take them on flying soucers if needed. My fear is they have the opportunity to take Iron Maiden away to their planet. It'll be difficult to have gigs on Earth for awhile, so Iron Maiden will play for intergalact audiences, going crazy for the opportunity to finally see alive the band they follow on audio and video recordings, available on CD and DVD here on Earth.

     The first one, the Iron Maiden album, launched here on Earth on the day april 14th, 1980. We, humble earthlings, have the privilege to follow Iron Maiden for 30 years. Better to enjoy, cause after 2012 they'll ship for intergalactic tour without return prediction. I hope be possible to at least listen to Iron Maiden when the world ends.


Paul di'Anno, vocal
Dave Murray, guitar
Dennis Straton, guitar
Steve Harris, bass
Clive Burr, drums

Happy 30 years from IRON MAIDEN! \m/

português: http://tocadocoelhovoador.blogspot.com/2010/04/30-anos-de-iron-maiden-e-o-15-e-ultimo.html

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